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Why Fruitene?

Why Fruitene?

Welcome to Fruitene – the new way to ensure your employees are healthy happy and energised!


At Fruitene, we believe that following a healthy lifestyle has benefits for everybody, but understand it’s not always easy to achieve in a workplace environment. We all know how simple it is to satisfy a craving for something sweet to eat by reaching for a chocolate bar, cookie or doughnut – but what if it was just as simple to grab a piece of fruit instead?


That’s where Fruitene, with its vision of a life made better by encouraging healthier habits, comes in …


Some of you may have already tried to encourage your employees to eat more fruit. You may have a system where you send a couple or more people off to the greengrocer’s or supermarket to stock up with a box of fruit on a weekly basis. But how does that pan out? Two or three employees out of the office for even 20 minutes soon adds up to a loss in man hours and productivity, before you even think about the faffing about with the administration of payments and receipts, and the time settling back into work. And whose turn is to go and buy fruit anyway?

How much simpler would it be if you could have a regular order of fruit delivered to your workplace? A lovely selection of hand-selected, premium quality fresh fruit, ready for your employees (and you) to start munching.

And we’re not just about fruit. If you need teabags, coffee, milk, fruit cordials we can add those to your order too. Even a selection of healthy snacks.


Flexibility is Fruitene’s keyword. Flexibility of delivery, flexibility to meet your budget, flexibility of pack size. Whatever your company’s needs.


So subscribe to Fruitene and join us in our mission to get the UK’s workforce unzipping bananas, peeling satsumas or munching on apples instead of reaching for the biscuit tin!


Your employees will love you for it …