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The Fruitene Product Range - Fruit, Snacks and tasty extras

The Fruitene Product Range - Fruit, Snacks and tasty extras

We guess by now you’ll be wanting to know what’s in the delicious boxes delivered by Fruitene …


First and foremost, as our name suggests we supply a range of delicious fruit boxes.

Available in different sizes (20/30/40/50 pieces of fruit) to suit your requirements, they contain a mix of premium quality, hand-selected popular fruits. For example, a standard box of 40 pieces will contain 12 bananas, 6 green apples, 6 red apples, 8 oranges, 4 William pears and 4 plums. If, like many others, your workforce marches well on a diet of bananas, then we can supply a banana box of 40 pieces of fruit. We also have ‘special’ boxes whose contents will change to include items of fruit such as nectarines and summer fruits alongside the standard offering.

In addition to the scrumptious fruit boxes, we also supply boxes containing a variety of health-conscious snacks, including vegan, organic and gluten-free options, which differ on a weekly basis. These can be ordered as stand-alone boxes of 30/40/50 snacks per box, or in smaller quantities (10/20 items) when added to your fruit box order.


Of course, if having your fruit and snacks order delivered by Fruitene means that nobody’s going on the tea and coffee run either, you’ll be pleased to know that you can add these items (essential to workplace harmony) to your order too. Just tick the tea/coffee/milk and cordial options when placing your fruit order. Simple.

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