Our Story

Hello. Welcome to Fruitene. So glad you are here.

We all know that eating well can improve our lives, our well-being and overall happiness and WE want to make it easy to follow a healthy diet, wherever you are.

Our vision is simple:

We want to see people munching apples and pears, peeling juicy citrus fruits or unzipping bananas when they’re craving a snack – not tearing open wrappers on chocolate bars, making crumbs with cookies or licking all the jam out of a sugary doughnut (although an occasional indulgence is perfectly understandable!)

But people’s lives are so busy that sometimes the easiest snacking option isn’t always the best one.

So we’ve established Fruitene, a hassle-free delivery service supplying boxes of premium fresh fruits and healthy snacks to your workplace or home – making it so easy for you to make the right snacking choices.

Our watchwords are convenience and flexibility: convenience because we handpick your premium quality fruit & snacks and deliver them to your door, and flexibility because you choose which box size you need and when you want it delivering.

To makes things even simpler, our system means all you have to do is select your box size and delivery day and we’ll continue with the same order until you change it. No need to remember to place your order!

And with the world rightly concerned about packaging and sustainability, you can be reassured that all our eco-friendly packaging is responsibly sourced and 100 per cent recyclable.

So please join Fruitene in our vision to improve everyday life by ensuring healthy snacking options are available for all – at work, at rest and at play.

We like to keep things simple. Welcome to Fruitene.