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Fruit To Your Door And Desk

Fruit To Your Door And Desk

Convenient convenience food. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines convenient as something ‘suitable, easily accessible and available’, and convenience food as ‘needing very little preparation and used whenever one wishes’.


So what could be a better example of a convenient convenience food than a bowl of fresh fruit?

Of course for a convenience food to be available, someone somewhere has to put some effort in to making it so. In the example of the bowl of fresh fruit, orchards have to be planted, trees and blossom nurtured, fruit picked, cleaned, graded, packaged and transported to market and sold.

And that’s just the producers’ input! Other parties have to package, store and distribute and display for sale to the end consumer. The next stage involves getting the fruit into that fruit bowl. That’s where you come in.

Your part in all this is to travel to your retail outlet, pick up your shopping basket or trolley, wander round the store, choose your selection of fruit, take it to the checkout, pay for it, put it back in your trolley and travel back to your destination, unpack your shopping and put the fruit in your fruit bowl. Yes, making something convenient can take a lot of time & effort.

Now we’re not saying that we at Fruitene are in any way involved in the production (although we would say that if the production standards weren’t high enough then we wouldn’t buy the fruit …) but we do go to the market so we can personally select the best fruits for our customers and we package those selections into our fruit boxes and deliver them right to your door at a time you want them. We put the convenient back into convenience food, saving you and your business a huge amount of time and effort.


For more about how to have premium fruit delivered to your door, at your convenience click here >>


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