Can I freeze or change my order?

You can freeze, cancel or change the order through your Account or by contacting our friendly customer service team either through phone or email.


Does your free trial only apply to new customers?

Yes, we give the first week fruit box completely free for you and your team - provided you sign up for our weekly subscription. The free box will allow you to experience the focus we put on providing high quality service and products for our customers. The best thing is, you can cancel at any time, but we are confident you will not look back.


Is it cheaper for me to buy fruit from the local supermarket?

It may be the case that the fruit is slightly cheaper, but we can give you the Fruitene guarantee that our quality will be a lot better. We have multiple checks in place to ensure that quality is not compromised during the buying and processing stages. 

Convenience is a big driving factor for many people, that’s why with Fruitene we save you time from going to the supermarket and choosing the fruit, the pain in carrying heavy bags or even the delivery cost that comes with ordering. 

Fruitene wants to give you the flexibility and convenience to leave the less important things in your life like fruit to us!


How can you guarantee quality premium fruits? 

We have multiple checks in place to ensure Fruitene promise is kept for our customers. Our fruit purchasing team hand-pick quality fruit. The team carefully choose a mixture of fruits that are of premium quality, looks great and has impeccable taste. 

When the premium fruits arrive at the Fruitene Packing house, we make full preparations for the fruit that is due to be delivered to our customers. Every piece of fruit goes through the staged checks and is processed for any quality issues before it goes into the boxes. 

During the whole process, the fruit is handled with maximum care in order for you, the customer to receive it in pristine condition.  


What if a peice of fruit is damaged?

We have a 100% Fruitene guarantee in order to ensure if any piece of fruit is not to your satisfaction, we will give you the Fruitene promise to not charge you for it or replace it for you on the next delivery.  This guarantee covers the specific fruit affected by the quality issue you experienced.


Can I set up an order to several different addresses? 

This can be easily set up for you. There are many companies whom have multiple locations which we can service across the UK. Even if you want us to send it to your friends and family, we can also accommodate that too.   


Can I setup custom orders?

Yes we do. For this you will need to contact us by email or phone and we can get this organised for you. Whether that means we customise your fruit/snack box or delivery multiple times a week to your address. We can accommodate both.


When will my fruit/snacks delivery arrive?

We aim to have all deliveries completed and delivered by the next day of order as long as the order was placed before 1pm on the previous day.


What happens when my delivery falls on a public holiday?

The delivery schedule will change during the week where a public holiday falls on. This can vary and will depend on the location you are in within the UK. If you need to double check the delivery, please email our customer service team.


What days do you deliver?

We provide a delivery on any required day the customer seems fit.


What areas do you deliver to?

We currently deliver our fresh fruit and snack boxes all over the UK.


How can I place my order?

Due to there being multiple options for you to choose from whether its fruit boxes or snack boxes, you can make your order via the website or you can call us directly to set up your order.


How do you work out how much fruit to order?

You will have to decide on the amount of fruits you require. The choise of multiple sized box options gives you the flexibility to decide what is sufficient for you and your team or you and your family. We recommend 4-5 fruits per person per week.