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Charity Work with Magic Breakfast

Charity Work with Magic Breakfast

At Fruitene, we’re passionate about healthy eating and that includes making sure the youngest members of society are properly fed.


So we’re helping to raise funds to support the work of the Magic Breakfast by donating a percentage of our turnover to the charity as well as being involved in other fundraising events.


The Magic Breakfast is a charity very close to our hearts. Its mission is to ensure that children, who might otherwise not have the best start to their mornings, get a nourishing, healthy and filling breakfast before they start their school day. It’s well-documented that hungry children are unable to concentrate and studies have shown that offering free breakfasts to pupils in primary schools can boost their reading, writing and maths results by the equivalent of two months’ progress over the course of a year, so giving them a good breakfast is a must.


Working with ‘partner schools’, the charity provides over 40,000 children with a ‘magic’ breakfast, but with an estimated 1.8 million school age children in the UK at risk of hunger in the morning, there’s much still to do.


If the Fruitene team raises just £58.50 it will provide one child with healthy breakfasts and wrap-around support every school day for one year, but of course we want to go much further than that. Every £5,000 we raise will cover the annual cost of providing breakfast for all children who need it in one school for one year (based on calculations of the average number of children who receive Magic Breakfasts in the partner schools). Imagine how many more children and schools we could support by doubling, tripling, quadrupling this amount.


We hope you’ll join Fruitene in supporting this fantastic charity and make good breakfasts available for all children whose circumstances mean they otherwise would go without.